Letter from CMA to the President of Al Jazeera

Mr. Hamed Ben Tamer Al Thani

President of Al Jazeera Media Network

Doha, Qatar


                                                    Mr. President,


Your television network publishes on June 3, 2020 on its facebook page https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2930127310369358&id=1112983192083788, a video montage dedicated to the letter sent by our organization to Mr. Tebboune, Algerian Head of State.


The presentation of this video shows a "great popular anger following the letter from the Amazigh World Parliament which asks President Tebboune to separate the region of Kabylia". First of all, apart from Al-Jazeera, no other Algerian or foreign media has seen this alleged "great popular anger". As it exists only in the imagination of your collaborators, they tried to provoke it with their false video. They have only succeeded in getting a reaction from some 2000 people, but not all of them are against the letter. Unfortunately for Al-Jazeera, your pan-Arab Qatari channel, has not succeeded in starting a war against the Amazighs. Secondly, if the video had been prepared in a serious, i.e. professional manner, it should have reported that our organization precisely demands the "right to self-determination of Kabylia in accordance with international law" and not "separation". Our NGO only asks for the respect of rights and it is the Kabyle people who will decide, we hope freely, the form of self-determination that they will want to implement when the time comes.


If your "journalists" were professionals in this noble profession, they should have contacted us for more information. They would at least have known that our organization is not the "Amazigh World Parliament" but the Amazigh World Congress, with NGO status, whose mission is the protection and promotion of Amazigh rights.


Moreover, the very short format of this montage, its jerky military-style musical background and the mix of selected extracts from our letter with tendentious comments from Al-Jazeera to which are added inlays of negative comments from anonymous Internet users, make this video not a journalistic document but a real work of anti-amazigh propaganda. It is clearly aimed at manipulating public opinion and provoking aggression and hatred against Amazighs and Kabyle people in particular. Is it the Qatari method and your channel's method of wanting peace and brotherhood between peoples? Or, on the contrary, is it a very dangerous political game that Al-Jazeera is playing in Algeria, as it has played elsewhere, which has earned it the reputation of being undesirable in many countries.


As a result, the Amazigh World Congress having been implicated and its message knowingly diverted by your disinformation document, we demand the immediate removal of this shameful video montage from your facebook page and a public apology. We also demand a right of reply in the form of an interview on your channel with a member of the management of our organisation. Without a positive response from you, we will be forced to appeal to all possible remedies.


Please accept, Mr. President, the expression of our consideration.


Paris, 27/05/2970 – 8/06/2020

The Board of Amazigh World Congress.